Feline Acne

Feline acne is probably more common than you’d think. If your cat appears to have small spots that look like blackheads under her chin or around her mouth, she may have feline acne.

What Causes Feline Acne?
Have you ever noticed your cat rubbing his face on the sides of doors, edges of tables and on your legs? Cats have small oil glands in their faces called Sebaceous glands. When these glands work the way they should, oil is distributed through the cat’s fur and keeps the coat shiny and skin soft. However, many experts believe cats also use this oil to mark their territory. This would explain why cats rub on doorways and such.

Acne appears when these glands become blocked. The reason for the blockage can be from any number of factors, including:

Cat not grooming self properly
Skin problems
Overproduction of oil
Other experts believe low quality food and the use of plastic food bowls can cause feline acne. These experts say that the plastic bowls hold bacteria that then gets on the cat’s chin when she eats and causes the breakouts.


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