Healing Vitamin Deficiency and Dry Skin

If a vitamin deficiency is responsible for dry skin, consulting a dietitian or physician for a proper nutritional analysis is essential. Adding daily supplements of missing vitamins can dramatically improve skin condition, particularly if the deficiency is severe. Ideally, an individual’s nutrient balance and vitamin needs should be met through a regular, healthy diet.

Adding vegetables to every meal and choosing recipes that include foods rich in Vitamin A can help ensure a vitamin deficiency does not contribute to dry skin.

In addition to adding the proper dietary supplements to combat dry skin, topical lotions and moisturizers – especially those enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, or aloe–can help heal skin, and drinking plenty of water keeps skin moisturized from the inside out.
Other Causes of Dry Skin
In many cases, a lack of vitamins may not be the cause for dry skin. More than 100 different diseases and environmental conditions can contribute to dry skin, including:
Climate, such as high heat, low humidity, or intense cold
Chronic dehydration
Harsh chemicals, including soaps, bleach, and household cleansers
Thyroid problems or other hormonal imbalances
Diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions
Drinking too much caffeine or alcohol
Making lifestyle adjustments to compensate for these dry skin causes as well as being treated for other medical conditions that may contribute to skin problems can also help heal skin quickly and easily.

Vitamin deficiency and dry skin can be related, but there are many other factors that should be considered when seeking a solution for dry skin. Understanding which vitamins affect skin condition, however, can help balance nutritional needs to ensure healthy skin.


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