Complete cure for bad breath

Lemon protects against infectious diseases , particularly effective zəhərlənmələrdə mouth full of odors resort


Lemon , sisirdici , Uplifting impact , softer leaves and blossoms creates turslugu constipated . Its seeds , peel solvent and solvent . Its shell protects against guvələrə clothes , the smell of clean air , the air is displaced dezodrant effects and is effective against plague .


Sour lemon, sparkle face , acne , and carries out facial stains . Its shells are washed off , the solution was brought into the oral cavity is a good effect ; peel is a good effect on bad breath .


Its oil has a positive effect on digestion . Separating the oil from the bark , the lame to good effect and acid are harmful to the nerves . Lemon prevents facial palsy . Sarılıgının citric acid prevents the eye drops .

If you use hot water boiled in his pits all effective against poisoning . Məlhum hit the ground , especially in the form of a scorpion if used, would be useful.


Its flesh is harmful to the stomach , acidity and total points yaradarCemi eat a meal together is more appropriate ; eaten in this way , makes it easier to digest . But I do not need to eat a lot . In addition, lemon leaf strengthens the gastrointestinal system .

When food is cooked in the shell with its flowers in the infiltrate , helps digestion . Lemon juice , sour stomach alırOnun crust baked in a form suitable urəkbulanmanın . Before and after Lemon edəlməlidir bacqa food .


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