teeth will be healthier

Japan dealt with the new gene technology that can not be repaired even in the teeth

Japanese scientists will lead to innovations in medical science is working on genetic technology . The use of technology in stem cell research , a new mouse embryonic cells were removed from the teeth .

The purpose of the study, which was destroyed or lost functions of the organs , stem cell technology to become available again . Another meaning of reproduction organs .

Seeds of a mouse from the mouse experiments , which ended in August, the cells were transferred to other mice jaw tooth emergence was 50 days, with a national foot .

Scientists are very different from human stem cells in mice , while transporting a person to a person at risk of infection is very high, said .

easier to stop smoking
Good news for those who want to quit smoking ! Newly developed ” NIcVAX ” will create an excellent opportunity for those who want to take this step in the vaccine . Smoking nicotine molecules in the brain prevents the needle goes to all hinders pleasure .

Now the vaccine tested on humans in the laboratory . Experiment, 50 percent of professionals have achieved success . But for those who want to stop smoking for a few months, the vaccine should be used


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