Vitamin D is good for the brain .

Vitamin D improves the function of the brain in men over the age of 60 …

Scientists from the University of Manchester in the UK , more than 3 European counterparts 40-79 year-old men and investigated the relationship between vitamin D and brain function .

Professionals and a high amount of vitamin D in the body of men based on their ability to focus and respond to simple nevropsixoloji test revealed that they were more successful .

However, the highest proportion of scientists link between vitamin D and brain function better yuxayı 60 years of age came to the conclusion that men are more noticeable . ” Journal of Neurology , Neurosurgery and Psychiatry ” nəticələndirərinin study published in the journal of the brain may play an important role in the fight against aging is emphasized. Dutch scientists carried out the research in the last years , the elderly, vitamin D deficiency may increase risk of depression or other psychological problems proved .

Eat pineapple for energy
Pineapple , loss of cellular energy production and helps prevent

Pineapple grown in Central and South America for the first time , began to be widely used in Europe, after being here .

Pineapple broad and slindirik surface , rough , brown – yellow color , an abundance of tropical fruit fiber .

It can be eaten as a fruit juice and drinking . Salatlardada pineapple can be used . Among the most highly-demanded after a tropical fruit banana is the second .

Have a positive effect against cancer as part of a fresh pineapple contains the enzyme bromelin . Is an enzyme that helps break down protein and digestion Bromelin . For the first time, discovered in 1957 , and has been the subject of many studies . Kukur containing only protein digestion enzyme , which does not help bromelin , brilliant and at the same time prevents the growth of the tumor .

Pineapple experiments confirmed that prevent cancer . Pineapple stem and handle better the result of the adoption , especially between meals and bromelin enzyme boosts inflammation and tumor prevention feature .

Assistant to the composition of the biological immune system , which is very helpful pineapple ” C ” includes vitamin . ” C ” vitamin antioxidant properties reduces the effects of free radicals that damage body cells and prevents the loss .

Free radical damage is considered to be a high level of blood vessels and bone cells artarmaqla the risk of damaging the bone cancer , joint pain have been observed to cause disease .


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