Empathic Psychic Abilities

The psychic ability of empathy is often misunderstood. Some people compare it to other related psychic abilities such as clairsentience and psychometry. While clairsentience allows the psychic to “pick-up” the emotions and physical reactions of others, unlike an empath, the psychic doesn’t necessarily feel them as her own emotions or physical pain.

Many believe that clairsentience is a more highly-evolved form of empathy. Psychometry is the ability to receive information that can include all of the senses by simply touching an object or person without the intensity an empath experiences.

Understanding the Empathetic Nature

An empath feels the emotions and physical pains of others as intensely or more than her own. This barrage of sensations can over-stimulate the empath and even manifest as erratic behavior.

What Does It Feel Like?
An empath is so sensitive to the energies surrounding her, especially the energies of other people, that she can fall victim to tremendous stress and inner conflict. It can feel like an electrical current or simply a nervousness that suddenly overpowers her followed by a flood of emotions. Feelings of sadness or melancholy may come out of nowhere and consume her. This becomes very confusing since the empath may not fully understand what is happening to her and try to own those feelings by attempting to understand why she’s feeling such odd and unfounded emotions.

It isn’t surprising that the majority of empaths at one time or another become highly depressed. In addition to negative emotions, an empath can also pick up on a person’s positive ones. However, this up and down effect creates an emotional roller coaster ride for the inexperienced and untrained empath.

How Empaths Receive Information
No one really knows the true mechanisms of empathic abilities. Many theories have been created as a means of explanation. Not all empaths have just this one ability, and some can garner information from multiple psychic abilities that work in unison as one mega psychic ability. For example, the empath may unknowingly use psychometry abilities to receive information simply by touching a person or object.

The empathic ability then processes this information into feelings. Going beyond these two psychic abilities, the person may also have strong clairvoyance, clairaudience and other abilities that assist in the processing of the information she is receiving.

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