Empathic Psychic Abilities

The psychic ability of empathy is often misunderstood. Some people compare it to other related psychic abilities such as clairsentience and psychometry. While clairsentience allows the psychic to “pick-up” the emotions and physical reactions of others, unlike an empath, the psychic doesn’t necessarily feel them as her own emotions or physical pain.

Many believe that clairsentience is a more highly-evolved form of empathy. Psychometry is the ability to receive information that can include all of the senses by simply touching an object or person without the intensity an empath experiences.

Understanding the Empathetic Nature

An empath feels the emotions and physical pains of others as intensely or more than her own. This barrage of sensations can over-stimulate the empath and even manifest as erratic behavior.

What Does It Feel Like?
An empath is so sensitive to the energies surrounding her, especially the energies of other people, that she can fall victim to tremendous stress and inner conflict. It can feel like an electrical current or simply a nervousness that suddenly overpowers her followed by a flood of emotions. Feelings of sadness or melancholy may come out of nowhere and consume her. This becomes very confusing since the empath may not fully understand what is happening to her and try to own those feelings by attempting to understand why she’s feeling such odd and unfounded emotions.

It isn’t surprising that the majority of empaths at one time or another become highly depressed. In addition to negative emotions, an empath can also pick up on a person’s positive ones. However, this up and down effect creates an emotional roller coaster ride for the inexperienced and untrained empath.

How Empaths Receive Information
No one really knows the true mechanisms of empathic abilities. Many theories have been created as a means of explanation. Not all empaths have just this one ability, and some can garner information from multiple psychic abilities that work in unison as one mega psychic ability. For example, the empath may unknowingly use psychometry abilities to receive information simply by touching a person or object.

The empathic ability then processes this information into feelings. Going beyond these two psychic abilities, the person may also have strong clairvoyance, clairaudience and other abilities that assist in the processing of the information she is receiving.

Must Have Winter Products

According to Dr. Hale, some must-have products for the winter months include the following:

Moisturizer selection: Dr. Hale recommends choosing a heavier moisturizer for winter. She states that “During the summer, my patients typically use a lightweight lotion or cream at night, but because skin can dry out more easily in winter, opt for something with a thicker texture.”

Body Lotion: Dr.Hale says to look for body moisturizers with “an ingredient called ceramide.” She notes that “ceramide is naturally found in the skin and helps it to retain moisture.”

Facial Moisturizer: According to Dr. Hale, “the latest trend in facial moisturizer is hyaluronic acid” She adds that “this helps to hydrate skin by pulling in water to plump up dehydrated areas. This ingredient is commonly used in cosmetic fillers, but is increasingly being incorporated into face products.”

Lip Products: Dr. Hale notes that “cracked, dry lips not only look unsightly, but can also be painful. There are a lot of great moisturizing products available, but I advise my patients to look for ones that include SPF for protection during the day.” She adds, “My patients like Aquaphor with SPF for the lips when they are out and about.

At night, you can follow up with something like Vaseline to help moisturize. It’s also important to ensure that you are hydrating from the inside out. Make sure to drink plenty of water as the lips are one of the first places to show signs of dehydration.”

Vitamin D is good for the brain .

Vitamin D improves the function of the brain in men over the age of 60 …

Scientists from the University of Manchester in the UK , more than 3 European counterparts 40-79 year-old men and investigated the relationship between vitamin D and brain function .

Professionals and a high amount of vitamin D in the body of men based on their ability to focus and respond to simple nevropsixoloji test revealed that they were more successful .

However, the highest proportion of scientists link between vitamin D and brain function better yuxayı 60 years of age came to the conclusion that men are more noticeable . ” Journal of Neurology , Neurosurgery and Psychiatry ” nəticələndirərinin study published in the journal of the brain may play an important role in the fight against aging is emphasized. Dutch scientists carried out the research in the last years , the elderly, vitamin D deficiency may increase risk of depression or other psychological problems proved .

Eat pineapple for energy
Pineapple , loss of cellular energy production and helps prevent

Pineapple grown in Central and South America for the first time , began to be widely used in Europe, after being here .

Pineapple broad and slindirik surface , rough , brown – yellow color , an abundance of tropical fruit fiber .

It can be eaten as a fruit juice and drinking . Salatlardada pineapple can be used . Among the most highly-demanded after a tropical fruit banana is the second .

Have a positive effect against cancer as part of a fresh pineapple contains the enzyme bromelin . Is an enzyme that helps break down protein and digestion Bromelin . For the first time, discovered in 1957 , and has been the subject of many studies . Kukur containing only protein digestion enzyme , which does not help bromelin , brilliant and at the same time prevents the growth of the tumor .

Pineapple experiments confirmed that prevent cancer . Pineapple stem and handle better the result of the adoption , especially between meals and bromelin enzyme boosts inflammation and tumor prevention feature .

Assistant to the composition of the biological immune system , which is very helpful pineapple ” C ” includes vitamin . ” C ” vitamin antioxidant properties reduces the effects of free radicals that damage body cells and prevents the loss .

Free radical damage is considered to be a high level of blood vessels and bone cells artarmaqla the risk of damaging the bone cancer , joint pain have been observed to cause disease .

Complete cure for bad breath

Lemon protects against infectious diseases , particularly effective zəhərlənmələrdə mouth full of odors resort


Lemon , sisirdici , Uplifting impact , softer leaves and blossoms creates turslugu constipated . Its seeds , peel solvent and solvent . Its shell protects against guvələrə clothes , the smell of clean air , the air is displaced dezodrant effects and is effective against plague .


Sour lemon, sparkle face , acne , and carries out facial stains . Its shells are washed off , the solution was brought into the oral cavity is a good effect ; peel is a good effect on bad breath .


Its oil has a positive effect on digestion . Separating the oil from the bark , the lame to good effect and acid are harmful to the nerves . Lemon prevents facial palsy . Sarılıgının citric acid prevents the eye drops .

If you use hot water boiled in his pits all effective against poisoning . Məlhum hit the ground , especially in the form of a scorpion if used, would be useful.


Its flesh is harmful to the stomach , acidity and total points yaradarCemi eat a meal together is more appropriate ; eaten in this way , makes it easier to digest . But I do not need to eat a lot . In addition, lemon leaf strengthens the gastrointestinal system .

When food is cooked in the shell with its flowers in the infiltrate , helps digestion . Lemon juice , sour stomach alırOnun crust baked in a form suitable urəkbulanmanın . Before and after Lemon edəlməlidir bacqa food .

teeth will be healthier

Japan dealt with the new gene technology that can not be repaired even in the teeth

Japanese scientists will lead to innovations in medical science is working on genetic technology . The use of technology in stem cell research , a new mouse embryonic cells were removed from the teeth .

The purpose of the study, which was destroyed or lost functions of the organs , stem cell technology to become available again . Another meaning of reproduction organs .

Seeds of a mouse from the mouse experiments , which ended in August, the cells were transferred to other mice jaw tooth emergence was 50 days, with a national foot .

Scientists are very different from human stem cells in mice , while transporting a person to a person at risk of infection is very high, said .

easier to stop smoking
Good news for those who want to quit smoking ! Newly developed ” NIcVAX ” will create an excellent opportunity for those who want to take this step in the vaccine . Smoking nicotine molecules in the brain prevents the needle goes to all hinders pleasure .

Now the vaccine tested on humans in the laboratory . Experiment, 50 percent of professionals have achieved success . But for those who want to stop smoking for a few months, the vaccine should be used

What Different Vitamins are Good For

Developing an understanding of the benefits of each vitamin can help you make intelligent supplement choices. This understanding will also give you insight into the best high-nutrient foods.

Benefits of Vitamin A
Here are just a few of the benefits of vitamin A:

Improves vision and protects your eyes from night blindness
Assists in the formation of red blood cells
Reduces the risks of stroke
Reduces the risk of cancer
Promotes beautiful skin
Enemies of vitamin A include light, alcohol, coffee and smoking.

Benefits of the B Vitamins

The B vitamins are actually eight water-soluble vitamins, which play crucial roles in cell metabolism. They work as a team to support metabolism, maintain clear skin and enhance muscle tone. Additionally, B Vitamins promote red cell growth, which in turn prevents anemia. B Vitamins can also reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. However, it will only do this if consumed in food. When taken as a complex, B vitamins can help combat the symptoms of stress and depression.

Benefits of Vitamin C
Vitamin C is probably the most popular vitamin. It is taken for colds and to increase immunity. Some studies have shown that vitamin C may even act as an antihistamine. However, contrary to propaganda, no studies have proven that megadoses of vitamin C will actually protect colds.

Vitamin C plays a vital role in collagen production. This makes it useful for wound healing. Some people use it post surgery. Topically applied, it protects the skin from free radical damage after excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. As an antioxidant, vitamin C protects cells from damage and mutation. As such, it reduces the risk of almost all types of cancer.

Benefits of Vitamin D
Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer are two of the most important benefits of vitamin D. It also aids in the absorption of calcium, which in turn prevents osteoporosis. According to an article published in the New York Times , new studies show that men and women who consume higher levels of vitamin D are less likely to develop colon cancer than people with lower levels. Are there any enemies of Vitamin D? Ain’t no sunshine, then it’s gone. Computer geeks should get out into the daylight.

Benefits of Vitamin E
“Skin care” are the words that most be think of when they think of vitamin E. Here are some of the other benefits.

Menstrual pain
Low sperm count
Restless leg syndrome
Alzheimer’s disease
Parkinson’s disease
Rheumatoid arthritis
Now that you have a better understanding of what the different vitamins are good for, you can make informed choices. Choose wisely, and remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Healing Vitamin Deficiency and Dry Skin

If a vitamin deficiency is responsible for dry skin, consulting a dietitian or physician for a proper nutritional analysis is essential. Adding daily supplements of missing vitamins can dramatically improve skin condition, particularly if the deficiency is severe. Ideally, an individual’s nutrient balance and vitamin needs should be met through a regular, healthy diet.

Adding vegetables to every meal and choosing recipes that include foods rich in Vitamin A can help ensure a vitamin deficiency does not contribute to dry skin.

In addition to adding the proper dietary supplements to combat dry skin, topical lotions and moisturizers – especially those enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, or aloe–can help heal skin, and drinking plenty of water keeps skin moisturized from the inside out.
Other Causes of Dry Skin
In many cases, a lack of vitamins may not be the cause for dry skin. More than 100 different diseases and environmental conditions can contribute to dry skin, including:
Climate, such as high heat, low humidity, or intense cold
Chronic dehydration
Harsh chemicals, including soaps, bleach, and household cleansers
Thyroid problems or other hormonal imbalances
Diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions
Drinking too much caffeine or alcohol
Making lifestyle adjustments to compensate for these dry skin causes as well as being treated for other medical conditions that may contribute to skin problems can also help heal skin quickly and easily.

Vitamin deficiency and dry skin can be related, but there are many other factors that should be considered when seeking a solution for dry skin. Understanding which vitamins affect skin condition, however, can help balance nutritional needs to ensure healthy skin.