The main points of the Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite Program

Strategy to combat cellulite, core component of this book is based on the following key positions: nutrition, exercise, body care and psychological training. It is important to realize that each part of the program plays a significant role, but they are all interrelated and work together. This is the only way to achieve the best possible results.

NUTRITION – Flexible program of proper nutrition involves eating fresh foods low in fat, but have a high nutritional value. Preference is given to complex carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes. All of them are rich in potassium, which focuses on our nutrition program. These products are low in fat, contribute to the restoration of sodium-potassium balance while cleansing the intercellular space of stagnation.

An important part of the section on nutrition is designed to approach me to eat foods. We must develop a modified approach to food. Products should be evaluated both in terms of nutritional value to the body, and from the point of view of the cleaning function that they provide. Certain foods contribute to the formation of cellulite, while others, on the contrary, help to get rid of him.

EXERCISE – While the food supplies body building material, exercise form it and make any necessary adjustments. The program to combat cellulite is two types of exercise: those that improve the condition of the entire body, and those that form the individual muscle groups.